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August 24, 2008 at 4:57 am (Motivation-Inspiration) (, , , , )

Ryan Hall may have come in 10th, but he won gold in the hearts of many fans.

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Move A Million Miles-Help Ryan!

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This is so exciting! I got this email at work to help support friends of a co-worker.  Their son is going to the Olympic Games in Bejing.  Now if we all can get active in this wouldn’t it be exciting to watch Ryan compete in the Olympics?  It makes it even more exciting when you know the person competing. 

Plus with the growing obesity crisis around the world we can all help Ryan’s cause.  It does not even cost us anything so that is much better.  If you joined the cause please leave a comment.


Dear Friends,
We need your help! A group of wonderful people in Big Bear, called The Lighthouse Project, has taken it upon themselves to challenge all of us to get moving. It started with a seed thought of tackling the problem of childhood obesity. How could they inspire our community to get moving and improve their fitness? They attached this desire with another: how can our community show its support for Ryan Hall and send him off to compete in the Olympic games in Beijing with the love and support of his community? From this an idea was born: lets challenge our community to move a million miles in support of Ryan Hall! It is a huge goal attached to a huge dream but without your help it will be nearly impossible to achieve.
It is easy to do, no money involved. Just go to the website:
All you have to do is log the miles you are running, walking, biking, swimming, etc. on the website. You can go back retroactive to December 23, 2007 when the campaign kicked off. Make it fun; challenge friends, classrooms, teams, etc. There are incentives along the way.
Imagine if each of you would pass this info along to 10 friends, we could have people from all over the world (including Australia) sending Ryan off with all this energy. We thank you for your support of our son Ryan in his Olympic dream. And if you are not already doing so…. GET MOVING!
Thanks so much!
Mickey and Susie Hall

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