Mother’s Day 2009

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I hope your Mother’s Day is a happy celebration.  I will be calling mine to wish her a happy day pretty soon.  I am fortunate to have a good relationship with her and to live within a 2-3 hour drive to visit.

I remember her care and concerns for me as I was growing up.  Now I have cares and concerns for her as our roles reversed.  I go to work every day and work all weekends on my internet businesses, while she is retired and goes out with friends, hangs out with my dad, and stays busy with her many clubs and organizations that she is active in.  I am the one telling her to drive carefully and to not overdo it.

My mother is the most positive and strongest emotional person I have ever known.  The only thing that she did not really teach me were organizational skills.

There is always the dilema of what to get your parents for gifts.  They have everything, don’t they?  How fortunate we are when this is true.  Is this true where you live?  Most likely if you are surfing the internet you do not often wonder where your next meal is coming from.

If you feel blessed because of all you have, and you want to share your blessings, Bloggers Unite recommends this organization.  $25 can feed a child for 6 months.

I just spent 4 times that much at the grocery store and hope it will last 2 weeks.  I can spend $10 just going out to lunch (which I rarely do anymore), and $4 on a treat at Starbucks(which I might do 3-4 times a month).

Most people who have a lot give a lot.  I have not met any people who have a lot who do not support charities.  There is so much need for help.  There are so many places to choose from.  However if you can spare a little more, here is the banner link.

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More Thoughts On Bloggers Unite November 10, 2008

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Today I was asked to tell about my accomplishments in life.  It made me think about what have I done in my life that is significant.  Maybe the things that I think are significant are not enough on the big world’s scheme of things.  I am not a Mother Teresa, nor am I a great musician, writer, painter.  I will most likely never invent the cure for cancer or some other horrible disease.  What are my accomplishements?  In this day of worshipping the athlete, or the actor, or the model, or the rappers, or rock stars, what have I done?   Have I accomplished anything that people might look upon and think, “Hey she did that, that is great!”?

I am not a millionaire, I barely make ends meet, so I have not given thousands of dollars to a worthy cause. So I am not a philanthropist, but if I did make millions I would be.  That is a high priority for me.

That is such a difficult question to answer.  I think my major accomplishments in life are that I took time to care about other people.  I teach, so I take time every day to care for other people’s children and to do my best to teach them to care about other people, too.  Will I get any great admiration for that?  Probably not, but it is what I do.  I spent lots of money and years in college to do that.

When I think about accomplishments and what to say, I think about what defines me.  When I hear of injustices being done to other people who are on this planet, do I turn a deaf ear or a blind eye, or do I do what I can to help?

I do what I can to help.  I am fortunate that lots of times helping can involve writing.  I can give my time to write.  I can only hope that it helps people.  Writing on the internet is powerful.  I believe it.  How many times today will people use the words, blogging for human rights, or bloggers unite, or reufgees united?  Will these words get listed and noticed by search engines?  Will people who want to know what people are saying find these words?  Can one small person join their words with hundreds or thousands of people and then believe that we made a difference?

I believe so.  I believe that one small voice joined with several other voices becomes a chorus, and as minds focus on the same goals things begin to happen.  Men walked on the moon, the nation of Israel was rebuilt, Gorbachav tore down the Berlin Wall, slaves in the US were granted freedom, and the first black man was elected President in the USA.  Individual voices unite to bring about change.

Now we unite to focus on Human Rights throughout the world.  While reading I read of such inhumanity to men and women, boys and girls that it puts a heavy burden for these people on my heart, and on my mind.  We must unite and keep writing and keep pushing forward for all the children of any age in the whole world.

Maybe alone our accomplishments will never stand out enough to win us our time in the spotlight for doing something great.  However in the eyes of God (yes I do believe in God), we are all created equally.  We are all given what we need, and we are given enough to make a difference in the lives of other people.  We are all sharing a great home on this planet.  We all have a responsiblility to care for each other.

I hope you can find time to visit some of the sites recommended by Blogger Unite and Refugees United.  If not today, soon.  If you can not post on your blog today, please find time to post soon.

I the main site where you can find a lot of links for more information about how you can make a difference.  What have you accomplished?

Resource Page

Thanks for reading.

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Bloggers Unite For Human Rights~November 10, 2008

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I realize that is is just November 9, but I thought I would get an early start while blogging for refugees is on my mind. I have never had to face the horrors of how a huge population in the world is treated or the tragedies that they face too often in their lives.  If you are living somewhere that rarely has a natural disaster, or a dictator, or a war, you might never know the terrible side of life either.

There are organizations now that help refugees, but I am sure that in these economic times they need more of our help.  Usually we hear of churches sending missionaries to countries to do what they can.  More help is needed.

If you have not heard about Bloggers United yet, we are a group of individual bloggers who belong to the general group The Blog Catalog.  There are several smaller interest groups on The Blog Catalog that area a great place to interact and learn.  This is where I found out about the group Bloggers Unite.  There are several people, (and I do not want to say, most bloggers, but I just did), who care about Human Rights and will take the time to become informed about a specific area of need and then pass the information along in a blog posting such as this.

Here are some websites that you can visit to find out how you can help, or just learn more information.

They list a whole lot of sites where you can find out what a variety of groups are doing to help the refugees to connect with lost family members and to help with other needs.

The above link is for Refugees United.  We should get this link out to people who might be able to help people find family using this blog.  Here is a quote from the site.  “By registering with nick- names, scars, former locations and other markers only identifiable to family and close friends, everyone can remain ‘invisible’ to all but relatives.

You can find even more links from the Refugees United site.  You can find the links for Save The Children, and that is a great organization.

Please take some time to see how you can help.  You can help by writing to your blog, and clicking on my banner for Bloggers Unite and joining us.

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Blogger’s Take Action On October 15

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This is very encouraging when a group of bloggers from all around the world devote time to post about the hurting people in the world.  Perhaps the open and honest comments will attract the right people who can make a difference with their voices and their dollars.

There are several good causes coming up including

Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

I believe the chosen day is October 15.

The next call to action is on November 10, 2008 where we will write about refugees.  People are separated when they have to flee their country.  If we have never been in this situation, how could we even imagine the pain involved in something like this.  How can we turn our backs on all the hurt in the world.

Perhaps by taking some time to get involved by using our blogs we can make a difference.  We can visualize our voices reaching the people who can move mountains with their voices.  It takes a start and the people at Blog Catalog have allowed groups that do this.  It starts with one voice and several are joining in.

Please join us.  Share you voice to help humanity.  For more information join us at Blog Catalog.

You can learn more here.

To get free blogs to join in on these worthy causes you can sign up for one at:


Please add your comments here to let me know if you are going to join in any of these campaigns.


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Today Is Human Rights Day

May 15, 2008 at 12:06 pm (Motivation-Inspiration) ()

Today is a celebration where I work. You might say it is for Human Rights because it is the high school class graduation ceremony tonight where I teach.  YAY.  I wonder at the possiblities each graduate has before them as they go forth into the world.  Now is the time when they are no longer required by law to be anywhere at any time (other than curfew violations).

Some of my students want to go into the Military, some former students already have.  I almost burst into tears when they come back to visit me in their dress uniforms.  They look so grown up and have changed from students who I was hoping I would inspire into young men and women who have chosen to serve our country as best they can.  They join the military because they want to help people.  They do not really want to go to fight in a war, but they want to help the people who suffer as a result of the war, or as a result of the reason for the war.

Sometimes it is difficult to speak of Human Rights without it getting political or violating someone’s opinion of what is Right and what is Wrong.

Life on planet Earth is not ideal.  It is difficult to face that thousands of people still suffer with malnutrition and hunger daily.  Why should this still be happening?  Can’t we end this?  It has been going on forever it seems.  Will it ever end? 

Now we have devestation in China and in the country, or area, that was known as Burma.  Thousands have died in an instant.  Plus the diseases and the effects from the Cyclone and the Earthquake are going to be horrible. 

Each year those of us more fortunate get called on to help those of us less fortunate.  While some of us will continue to act as if nothing is wrong there are still several of us who will donate what we can to help. 

I am lucky that I get to see the generousity of people where I work.  We donate pennies for patients and fill shopping carts up with food to give to homeless shelters.  People donate DVDs to soldiers in Veteran’s Hospitals so they have some relief from the day to day boredom.  I have others who volunteer at homeless shelters. 

Since we have a day to think about the wide area of Human Rights, maybe more and more people will become aware.  Maybe a few more people will take time or some money to support a worthy cause to help someone’s life become a bit better.  I hope we see Helping Humans become a more popular cause in the next year.

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May 15 Is Bloggers Unite For Human Rights Day

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This is a great idea and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  If you are reading this in time I hope you can be a part of it, too.  How better to be an encourager and an inspiration then to take part in worthy causes.  Education is so important and so much easier to do when we all take a part in it. I feel we have to be responsible as citizens of this great earth to take a part in helping those less fortunate then we are no matter where they are.

This is one small step.  I hope people will be active in participating.

 Bloggers Unite

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