One Aunt’s Way To Make A Difference

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There is no greater love than the love of good relatives.  What this aunt is doing is going out of her comfort zone to raise money for her nephew.    She is going to run a marathon hoping to raise some money for her nephew who is in the hospital due to heart surgery.

Here is a brief quote from the blog.

My 11-month-old nephew, Hayden (son of my sister Molly and brother-in-law John, and brother of Layne) was born with a couple heart conditions. At the beginning of August, he was airlifted to U of M Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, where he underwent open-heart surgery to repair the faulty valve in his heart. Molly and John have been down there with him since the beginning of August. Shortly after the surgery, they learned that the surgery to repair the valve, did not work as anticipated, and therefore, he will underwent another open-heart surgery to replace the valve. Hence, an even longer stay in the hospital….but he is on the road to recovery!

Here is where the blog is located so you can donate.  Yes they are asking for some donations to help them through this difficult time.  Imagine the hospital bills they must be facing.  Imagine how this takes parents away from their jobs.

Just like Jarod Mainland’s family has help from their church and untold friends, here is another family who can use a “boost”.

Check out the blog.

If you can not donate perhaps you can keep the family (and Jarod, too) in your prayers.  Never underestimate the power of prayers.

Thanks for reading!

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