When Life Gets In The Way

May 10, 2009 at 7:29 am (Random Rambles) (, , )

Does life ever get in the way of the things that you would really like to do?  Does that statement even make sense to you? I was thinking of my to do list, and the things that were on it that never got done.  Somehow my priorities got shifted.

I wanted to post for Earth Day, then some other day on April 29, and now here it is Mother’s Day, and what have I accomplished?  Well it is only 8am, so I will still have time to call mom.

I bought a bird feeder since the birdbath that my father gave me for Christmas has been getting non stop use.  It was funny to head out for work and see the frozen water in it.  It reminded me of Charles Schultz cartoons with Woodstock ice skating in the birdbath, or playing ice hockey.  Since I have no roses, I am taking time to watch the birds.

I have noticed migrating birds stopping by for a snack for a few days.  Wow do they ever eat a lot.  It is fun to watch them from my home office window.  The $7 a week food bill is worth it.  Remember when $7.00 a week would buy some groceries?  Remember when $7.00 a week would fill up your gas tank?  Was it really that long ago?

It seems the past month that life has gotten in the way more than once.  I have had several chats with God, but I seem to do that daily anyway.  However some times there is just the meaningless God talks.  Are they meaningless?

April was more like March this year, only it went by faster.  March is usually my month of unrest.  The month never seems to end.  However Arpil was the month of STRESS!!  Income Taxes…WORK!…Layoffs, Budget cuts…Job uncertainty…School board meetings.  Wow.

So all my intentions of doing this and doing that to further the well being of mankind and womankind, and making the world a better place, just flew away.  April became the month of survival.  It was the ME month.

With all that happened, my life is still going on and on.  I have so much to be thankful for.  I can sit here with my shoes off, and with food to eat, and temperature contolled (if it is working today) environment, watching the birds throw all the food out of the feeder and onto the ground.  I can be thankful that I have the $7.00 to feed them, too.

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.  When life gets in the way, what do you do?  Take time to watch the birds.  They always seem to find something to eat.  The ravens that visit my birdbath use it to soak their food too hard to eat in.  The other day I found remnants of a Subway sandwich in there.  Where a raven found a Subway sandwich I sure do not know.  Ravens take what they find and are happy with it.  A little water makes it better I guess.  Wash away the toughness.

We can learn a lot by watching the birds.  When life gets too tough add water.


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