Kids and Cancer

Someone made this video of a friend of mine’s son.  I barely know the father, but spent some time with him right before he had to leave a convention a group of us were at in Florida for a business we are all in.  Larry is a devoted husband and father and we could tell he was missing his family a whole lot as much as we all were staying busy.  He got the calls that is son was not well.  He thought it was the flu, or a kid thing, or his glasses.  After all, what could possibly be wrong with someone so young.  Jarod was your normal healthy kid.  He probably just ate too much of the wrong thing.

Larry rushed home from the trip when he got the call that his son had to be admited to the hospital.  The next year (almost a year) is documented in this video.

Please pray for Jarod and his family.  He is still undergoing the Chemo treatments.  They are all still fighting.

I believe that Jarod will beat Cancer.  Please help him by joining in prayer.


  1. Chris Lang said,

    If there is anything we can do as a blog community for the family let me know. My prayers are with Jarod and his parents.

  2. Rocque said,

    Thanks Chris. Jarod has care pages that I have been using to follow what has been happening over the past several months. It is very eye opening to see all that is involved. I remember my grandfather had cancer in a brain tumor, and it was quite an ordeal, too, but I was really not sure about all that was going on as I was young.

    The strength that this family has is amazing. The friends that they have are amazing, too. When you witness people who do not even know them offer to help it is definitely an encouragement.

    Thanks for your comment.

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