Have You Heard Of ZenZuu Yet?

May 18, 2008 at 7:20 am (Social Networking) (, , , )

If you like to Beta Test then you might like ZenZuu.  What is ZenZuu?  It is going to be difficult for me to explain but it is a Social Networking site where you can make some friends from all over the world.  Right now it is in Beta testing, but the people there are pretty friendly.

It is FREE to join.  YAY.  I have more information on my Rocques Business Information Blog.  I will probably add more as I find out more.

Since it is a Social Networking site in Beta right now things are not all functioning that well on the site.  I have been able to upload pictures and videos, add friends, send comments, and make a group, but they all seem like they could use improvement.

One reason to join now is that ZenZuu is going to have a revenue sharing plan! It is going to be like MySpace definitely.  However it is going to be MySpace for people who would like to make a little cash for their efforts.  I have no idea what the income potential is, but their ideas seem good to me.  It is a great place for entrepreneurs or people who want to make friends around the world.

Here is my profile link if you want to visit my site and see what it is like.  I even have a join through me button on my profile, so that would be great to have you use it!

This is the information:

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