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Red Skelton
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I have expanded into yet another blog. I really enjoy this blog, but I also needed to expand it more and get some extra breathing room I also needed to see if I might be able to add some income to my blogging habit.
While the income would be good, spreading faith and hope and love and encouragement quotes is really important to me.

I recently watched some CDs of the Red Skelton show. A friend’s father passed away and he brought over his dad’s collection. We were watching them, and the humor is great. Red Skelton was one of the early comic geniuses. I can see where he was imitated by the comics we enjoy now. However he brought good clean humor and fun to television. Was life that much simpler then?

At the end of his show, Red Skelton would tell the audience that if he brought some joy and humor into their life and if one day in the future something he did on his show would add a smile or a laugh to someone’s day then he would have felt that he did his job. He ended each show with “God Bless”. What a way to end your television show.

Well just as Red Skelton felt that way, I feel that way. Feel free to visit my other blog, too at

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