Happy New Year~Is Your Mailbox full?

January 2, 2009 at 9:52 am (Smile Makers)

Wow it is January 2 already. Only a few more months until Christmas.
However, all my email is pointing to clearance sales and getting rid of
inventory, and dieting, and Valentines Day! Wow, I still have all
my Christmas goodies to eat and enjoy. Who can even think of
dieting when there is all this good stuff to eat.

Did you eat all your Christmas, and other holiday treats in a week?
I have been building up my winter layer of protective insulation since
October. Now I am supposed to go cold turkey (oops maybe I should not have
said turkey) into sugar deprivation? Are you crazy?

I can go buy bigger clothes at the year end clearance sales and
avoid throwing away all those cookies and candies that are still here to

Then in February, after Valentines Day, I can think about warmer weather, or
wait, I can think about Easter!!! That is right Easter, Passover, and all those
breads, and marshmallow stuffed rabbits. YUM!

I am so doomed. If I could ever figure out which tooth was my sweet tooth
I would have it removed. However, I do hear that they grow back!

Happy New Year! Enjoy your food and your email!

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