Thumping Your Way To A Stronger Immune System

December 21, 2008 at 7:44 am (Random Rambles) (, , , )

I just got this email today about boosting the immune system.
This is great advice! I am also having great success and getting
sick less and less by taking a teaspoon of New Silver Solution daily.
Now there is a hand gel that I also have been using. When you work
at a school with over 1000 students you are subject to every disease
that is going around. I would not leave home without my safety net of
New Silver Solution. I hope you do not mind this endorsement of this
product, but I am on a mission to save people from diseases that we
are told there is no cure for, yet Silver Solution is making a huge

I have seen my fahter’s fingernails return to normal after he has had
a horrible nail fungus for years! He is an avid gardener so is somehow
picked up this infection that looked like he had a sponge stuck under his
fingernail. It took him a year of my asking him if he was using the product
to finally use it. Now he has it with him always.

Both my parents use it daily. Now there is a gel form too. If you are going
into the hospital for any surgeries, or to the dentist, you should have this
product. I use it on those sores you get if you bite the inside of your mouth.
Ouch those hurt but with Silver Gel they are gone in a day.

Silver Solution is curing children with Malaria in Africa! I am saving lives there when I donate bottles of it. It is really exciting. US Congress has given the company a product after following the tests on Silver Solution in Rwanda. Everyone tested on survived and no longer has any traces of Malaria.

Find out more about the patent, and everything Silver Solution can kill as far as harmful bacteria and viruses.

Ok…Now for Thumping Your Way To A Stronger Immune System

By Kelley Herring

With cold and flu season here, your immune system needs extra TLC. Along with exercise and a low-glycemic, nutrient-rich diet, there’s something else you can do. Stimulate your thymus.

The thymus is a gland located just behind the sternum. And while it’s tiny (weighing no more than 30 grams and shrinking down to only 5 grams by the time you reach the age of 75), this immune organ has a big job: It cranks out T-cells. (The “T” stands for thymus.)

You can wake up your thymus with a simple and effective exercise that has been practiced for ages. Here it is:

Make a loose fist (with either hand). Using the second row of knuckles, rhythmically tap on your breastbone with a heart-like beat – tap, tap, pause, tap, tap, pause. The tapping should be heavy enough to make a drumming sound, and you should feel a vibration (which is what stimulates the thymus).

Practice this immune-boosting exercise anytime – every day, if possible. (It is particularly beneficial when you feel like you’re getting sick.) Because the thymus is most active for 90 minutes after you fall asleep, doing this exercise just before bedtime is ideal. Aim for a minimum of 20 sets of 3 for a maximum of 5 minutes.

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