Save A Child-The Fight Against Malaria

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Win The Malaria Fight

Win The Malaria Fight

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to get the New Silver Solution into three countries.  Niger, Africa will be testing the silver in a malaria clinic.   Gabon, Africa will also be doing their first test in a clinic, and we have shipped the Silver to the Minister of Health for Guyana, South America.  In addition, as soon as we have enough bottles to make up a pallet, we will make our first shipment to Dr. Abraham in Guana, West Africa.  We need 1200 more bottles to complete this shipment.


Thanks to each of you who have been so generous in donating to this incredibly worthy cause.

Bob Bremner

Bob is the Marketing Director for Nutronix International.  Please Visit My Site To Save A Child.  I do not get any profits from this at all as an independent distributor.  This is about saving lives.  Once you get to my site, just click on products and you will see the link to contribute to Save A Child.  $10.00 can save one or two lives.  Click Here Now.

Please leave a comment if you contributed.

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