I Love To Go Sailing

June 12, 2008 at 9:10 am (Motivation-Inspiration, Random Rambles) (, , , , , , )

I grew up at the beach. One of my friends had a small sailboat and we used to sail around the bay in Long Beach, CA in it. When I graduated from high school I used some of my graduation present money to get a 14 foot sail boat and then we sailed out around the oil islands and where ever the wind would take us outside of the bay.

Several nights as the sun set the wind would die and I would end up being towed back to where I kept my boat. That was embarrassing. You just can’t beat the feeling of wind power, until it stops. It is great that people show mercy on girls paddling a sailboat. Also never be too proud not to accept a helping hand.

I still sail when I can but I kayak, too. That is just as peaceful. I read Mark Twain’s book, Roughing It , when I was in high school. I have reread it twice since then. That is such a fun book. You can live life through his experiences. One part I always think about is his description of Lake Tahoe, and floating out in the lake in a canoe and just staring into the water. I have not done that at Lake Tahoe, but I have spent several hours at a nearby lake doing that very same thing, and following the fishes. It is so much fun to be as still as possible and watch the fishes doing fish stuff. Can fish be curious? Did you ever think of that?

Here is a video I ran across and it is such a great mood. It captures the feeling of Sailing as does the song by Christopher Cross. I hope you take 4 minutes out of your busy life to enjoy it.

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